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Newspaper pushing across the
Mississippi Rive in Cape Girardeau


Newspaper pushing
through Texarkana


Ex wheelchair racer takes
spin for fitness Jun 25 04


Man tours contry in wheelchair
Aug 19 04


Olympic sized journey leads athlete through Athens Aug 17 04


Paraplegic athlete promotes fitness -
health awareness Aug 4 04


Saunders- Theres Always a Way
July 20 04


Wheelchair athlete brings fitness message to town 08 20 04


Wheelchair athlete pushes
Health iniatives in Longview


Wheeling to fight flabbiness
June 22 04

The Monroe Evening News is from Detroit, MI - On a trek to get America fit June 18 04


Kevin recieves Proclamation declaring Kevin Saunders Day August 6th in Tyler, TX


The Malvern Daily Record from Malvern, AR - A mighty big push across America
July 30 04


The Journal Review from Crawfordsville, IN - Fitness
Focus Jun 29 04


The Monroe County Independant from Waterloo, IL - Kevin Saunders pushes from Canada
to Mexico 7 9 04


The Lebanon Reporter from Lebanon, IN - Man pushed across America June 29 04


The Benton Courier from Benton, AR - Pushing the limits July 30 04


The Jacksonville Patriot from
Jacksonville, AR - The Big Push Summer 200

The Daily Statesman from Dexter, MO - Wheelchair athlete rolls across the nation July 15 04

The Commercial Review from Portland, IN - Riding for Fitness

Herald Tribune from Randolph County, IL - One Man, One Mission, On Push Across America


The News from Montgommery County,
- Health and Fitness Tour calls Attention for our need to Shape up
San Antonio Express News from San Antonio, TX - Paralyzed athlete near tour's goal

The Sports Page from The Laredo
Morning News in Laredo, TX -
Saunder's Health Tour Ends here!



The Laredo Morning News in Laredo, TX - Wheelchair man at end of mission.



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